La Bouquet, is a Los Angeles-based trio consisting of Bryan Sammis (formerly of The Neighbourhood), Jake Lopez and Drew Bruchs. The band craft a sound that siphons bedroom-rattling falsetto through post-punk soundscapes. It’s a striking blend that leaves the group existing between three worlds.Amuse debut LP ‘Sad People Dancing’ is set for release on March 30th, 2019.

The group have steadily gained critical acclaim since their inception from outlets as diverse as Ones To Watch, FLOOD, and Culture Collide for their “expertly combined emotional balladry and R&B with a punk sensibility” (Culture Collide), “…pristine guitar work and gorgeous melodies” (The 405), “emotional post-punk soundscapes” (Ones To Watch), and “slick fusion of contemporary pop punk and ’80s aesthetics” (Flood). Tour dates are forthcoming and will be announced on the band’s Facebook. “Sad People Dancing” follows the 2018 releases of “Names Like Songs” and the Sunshine Sessions collection, which saw La Bouquet experiment with acoustic interpretations of their 2017 EP ‘Heavy Sunshine’. Also appearing on Sad People Dancing are “Loveless” and “Loser Baby”, both singles featured on KROQ Locals Only.